a lil history

If you’ve been following me for the past year or so, you know I rebranded my monthly magazine, The Sporty Wife, into The Style Office. The Sporty Wife was an outlet for me to showcase female entrepreneurs in a new light, on a magazine cover, while also sharing articles about fashion, wellness and design within the issues. 

After I ended my relationship, I (obviously) had to pivot my brand and relaunched as The Style Office. The Style Office was inspired by my own life and my experience moving myself across the country, starting over, getting a new job, all while trying to stay on trend lmao. But forreal, when your life does a 180 and you’ve gone through more than you can process, you have to work hard, exercise and continue to immerse yourself in self-development in order to survive. The Style Office has evolved into a fashion & “high end” meme page, that features celebrity pictures with my moods on them. Dating and existing as a millenial woman (especially in the city) is hard enough as it is, so I like to make people laugh along the way (even if they’re laughing at me). 

Because The Sporty Wife was so fulfilling (and fucking amazing) and I met so many amazing women through it - I had to have something more. I created Style Office Studio as an extension of The Style Office.

style office studio

Style Office Studio is a destination for bloggers, creatives, influencers, entrepreneurs, and bad ass females to express themselves visually. I created SOS to showcase women and brands on a new level. My friends were constantly sending me their selfies, vacation photos, etc to edit for them (hint: I’m the only psycho in my friend group with hundreds of picture editing subscriptions and have 30,000+ photos in my camera roll), so turned my edits into a business. 

Creating comes naturally to me. I couldn’t wait to start a digital studio until I had the nicest camera and photoshoot materials, so I began to advertise my business the day the idea was born. 

I offer different packages that can always be customized to your brand. I love to edit photos, videos and create collages to inspire you and express who you are. I can’t wait to work with you. Let’s make fucking magic. Xx Jillian

get in touch with me: jillianabarnes@gmail.com

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