jillian barnes graphic design


I’m the cofounder of Honey Studios and a freelance graphic designer based in boston, ma. I create content for bloggers, creatives, influencers, entrepreneurs, and bad ass females.

I created this biz to showcase women and brands on a new level. My friends were constantly sending me their selfies, vacation photos, blog posts etc to edit for them (hint: I’m the only psycho in my friend group with hundreds of picture editing subscriptions and have 30,000+ photos in my camera roll), so turned my edits into a business. 

Creating comes naturally to me. i’ve been collaging since i could use scissors and quickly brought my cutting and gluing skills to my macbook when i grew up. *cue the pussycat dolls*

I offer different packages that can always be customized to your individual and brand needs. let’s make sh*t. <3